Start your fly control efforts early in the season before you start to see flies. Fly parasites will find and destroy dormant flies before warmer weather causes them to emerge.

Find and erradicate all possible fly habitat. Anywhere areas are as much as slightly damp with even small amounts of organic matter can be breeding areas.

Manure maintenance is very important! Breaking the manure up so that it can dry quickly is the best option. If drying it quickly is not an option, pile the manure in as compact an area as possible in direct sunlight. The heat of decomposition plus that of the direct sunlight will drive the fly larva to pupate in a more limited area of the pile within easy reach or your fly parasites.

Fly traps should be placed carefully as not to attract flies from a distance directly to your animals. Place the traps strategically to intercept flies migrating in from elsewhere and in such a manner that the traps help draw any flies away from your animals.

Beware of fly habitat accumulating under divider-walls and under mats in stalls. Joints and edges of multi-piece mats can have enough wet bedding and manure get past to form a significant fly habitat over time.

Bait stations can be used to draw flies away from livestock areas and kill the adult flies. Care should be taken in the placement of bait stations so that they are inaccessible to children and pets.

Sweet-feeds can draw flies in significant numbers. Such feeds should be sealed in air-tight containers and spillages cleaned up right away.

Outside areas should have manure cleaned or broken up as often as possible. Elimination of fly attractants is very important

Do not spread fresh damp manure on pastures unless it is broken up small enough that it will completely dry out in one or two days. If conditions do not allow the manure to dry very quickly, it will be an attractant for more flies and will provide more fly habitat.

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