Introducing: Eco's Tool Box

The tools below will provide information to help configure your order.

The use of these tools is optional. Access each tool by clicking on it's tab if you wish to use the information the tool can provide. Our system will remember the information you access and help you configure your order when you select one of the order options on the right of this page. Or, skip directly to one of the order options to place your order.

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Eco's Tool Box contains several tools which will help you to configure exactly the order you need. When you access these tools, our system will remember the information and assist you in setting up the most effective fly control possible.

The Frost Data tab contains frost date information provided by The National Climatic Data Center which will assist you in determining the optimum start and stop dates for your area. By selecting the most similar station to your area, you will be provided with average yearly frost dates.

The Animal Tally tab contains a handy tool which will help to calculate the quantity of FlyRaptors you need based upon the number and types of animals you have.

The Shipping tab contains shipping options and rate information. The US Postal Service is the least expensive option but still does a great job for us.

The Pricing tab contains our pricing information. You will not find better quality and quantity for the price anywhere!

Eco's left one of his tools out of his tool box. You will find it in our order configuration links to the right. It's actually a group of tools that allow you to modify a series of shipments after it is set up. It allows moving shipping dates, adding or dropping shipments and more.

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Option  A

Our Previous Standard

Order by quantity, start date, frequency & number of shipments

Option  B

Better End Date Control

Order by quantity, start date, stop date & frequency
Similar to Option A, but uses your requested start and stop date rather than a requested number of shipments.

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